<The United Nations> A new beginning for Europeans

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<The United Nations> A new beginning for Europeans

Post by Domkin » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:48 pm

Firstly, I realise that The United Nations is worldwide in the real world, but that's fine, I'm looking for players that play during European time zones, not their nationality, so this works quite nicely!

This is a new guild, that is at the moment, just trying to get started. Most euro time zone players, much like myself, are in other guilds, GC, Tempest, Sleepless etc. I'm not planning on leaving GC before TUN is up and running properly, so I'm popping an alt in. What i'm hoping, is that you will contact me to bring an alt into the guild, so I can get an idea of numbers, before making it a fully fledged guild. Hopefully that makes sense! My guild is completely behind my decision to persue euro raiding, we discussed it when I first joined, I hope yours are too!

Futhermore, I will be trying to convince players from EQR/P99/TLC to switch to LoN where there is a euro guild ready and waiting for them! I have a website already, so we are good to go infrastructure wise!

So, stuff we need. All casses, duh. We also need officers, and a raid leader. If your interested contact me in game, I will likely be on Domkin. Or poke me in discord.

Soon, euro time zone players, will have a place to group/raid with players in your own timezone!


Domkin Gabbleworth

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